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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I don't think I've ever noticed the power of attitude, self-belief and principles the way I have recently(with an exception of today!). Witching hour and whoa, don't I need one right now. I think I'm dealing with anger slightly better now. With acceptance, comes ceased anger within. Now that I've accepted, it's time to fucking progress.

I've been finding something wrong with everything today. Over-analysing thoughts and emotions. They're all over the place, in my head. jumbled. Heart feels juggled by an imaginary force. Only imagined. Cause it's not really happening. What am i even talking about?

Im always sayin things, I mean it, but I hardly got a chance to do it. I am a hard candy but with a marshmellow in the center.

Sorry Im sucha letdown.

Still when you irritate me sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like bitin you till your whole body gets sore.


Ok no, Im makin it sound like youre a cat, my greatest fear. Bahh.

Til' next time.


Syazaruan 11:09 PM

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mira showed me this.

noah: when i see something that i like, i gotta... i love it. i mean i go crazy for it.
allie: what are you talking about?
noah: about you

Syazaruan 1:12 AM

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I think I figured what my biggest pet peeve is. "Trying hard to be nice" people. I didn't realise how much I hate them which, ironically doesn't befit the idea of being outgoing, does it not?

But whatever, it's an utter waste of time trying to figure them out when they've got a fuckload of figuring out to do themselves. My silence and apathy ought to be their direction to seek help. There's only so much I can take! Something's gotta give, fact.

It's good to try knowing yourself inside out and fit the skin right, like a glove. Though I guess I should heed the necessary steps literally, but metaphorically? Yeah, that's gold right there baby.

Not forgetting, to the one and only,

To survive, Im glad she did. She's won 1..2..3..4..all the time , that this isnt a fight anymore.

Syazaruan 4:54 AM

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For all the shit we've been through and not forgetting the beautiful days that seep into our souls, I think we should at least make a toast. *To us & hopefully more years to come!*
I shall bestow upon you an entire lifetime of laughter, cuddles and snuggling together while the rain pitter patter on our window.

I love you for you, my love.

Syazaruan 12:31 AM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i already told mylovelyone that im going to blog on my trip to Jakarta when i come back. well, here it is baby ! (:

Jakarta it was the place where my family and i spent our national day at. it was a short holiday, 3 days. but this 3 days , we experienced soooo many things. ranging from bad to good. all these years of taking SQ flight is partially free because my dad is working with SATS cargo so he gets complimentary tivkets every now and then . our flight touched down on Jakarta international airport at around 9am. after exiting the airplane, we waited for our luggage. yup, luggage , only one . 3 days mah . you wear the shirt at night you fold nicely put under your pillow . tomorrow take out, unfold, wear again ! hahahah . ohhh ya back to my story, we waited and waited and waited and waited then (half and hour later) i heard my dad's name over the airport's PA system. "paging for mr abdul rashid, please come to the baggage counter" . from that very moment, i knew that something had happened to our luggage. and i was damn right ! our luggage was left at changi airport . but fortunately it was on its way to Jakarta on another SQ . but the unfortunately part is, the flight that was carrying our luggage would be arriving in Jakarta at 2pm . and it was like only 915. the nice lady who served us said that they can arrange their staff to deliver our luggage to the hotel we are staying at. but we hadn't got any hotel yet . so the plan was, we go out of the airport to meet up with our "supir" (driver) and ask him to bring us sight seeing. then to come back to the airport at 2pm to collect the luggage . (fast forward) after we got back our luggage , we took a 3hours drive to BANDUNG. where we spent a night there . pheww i tell you ar , shopping with my mum and sis can bring damage to your brain. haha. you imagine a huge shopping mall packed with small retail outlet and cramped with humans. don't even have space to move about . one step back , you might stepped onto someones foot . one swing of you hand you might just ending up being accused of harassment. and yet my mum spent 20 minutes in one shop and then another 20 minutes at another shop beside the previous shop. wow terror ! as I'm typing everything down , i relive the experience . 3 days of shopping and i only bought one MAN U T-SHIRT ! well thats very much of it .

dayung sampan, AYUH MARI, dayung, dayung sampan .

Syazaruan 9:47 AM

Friday, August 7, 2009

due to tones of "project" and "test" i have not been updating my blog . but seriously, things are getting busy for me in school. the silhouette dream of finishing my course in ite is coming to reality. Hotel RE! called me for interview and the interview went well i guess. i guess getting a hotel to be attached to is an uphill battle. a total of, say, 107 students in ITE alone has sent their resume. so come on guys ! get yourself busy sending out your resume. or else it will be a day late, a dollar short! then head to peninsula to meet up with this two hilarious friends of mine , hakimullahhh sakapunela and zaki . we went to search for any shop that are willing to rent out their guitar to us. out of umm 4 shops, only FREAKY FRIDAY'S shop has that kind of service. and if you're wondering what on earth is freaky friday ? you guys just have to check out that shop. the owner he's cool for someone who has sagged his balls. he worship the legend the king of rock and roll , ELVIS PRESLEY ! he even keeps his side burns like elvis . he's one sick and cool bastard ! ELVIS , Hindustan version. after we got all the equipments we needed, we head back to clementi central where we had lunch at a coffee shop. gosh, saw a group of malays old uncles wankers drinking under broad day light , on a friday afternoon where they should be at the mosque performing friday prayers repenting they were at the coffeeshop drinking beer ! wah they gulped down the beer like KOPI ! wah piang ! PHWOAR ! dear pakciks , if you guys are canggih and know how to find my blog, please , puasa nak datang . umur pun dah lanjut. bertaubat laaa. hahahahahahahahahah. cehhhh bahhhh sikit ! performance was great. the event was great ! seriously . congrats hakim and team for making you ECM project happened !

dang! wont be celebrating national day this year. im flying off to jakarta first thing in the morning tomorrow. my mum is having her therapy there. RETAIL THERAPY !!! hahahah. fingers, keeping me busy. snapping photos laaaa ! back home on monday night. so to SINGAPORE, HAPPY 44TH BIRTHDAY ! baby im ssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo going to miss you ! this absence makes my heart grow fonder !
all these years, ive been begging for answer. and now you and only you can give it to me.
baby, even if my sandcastle fall like falling cigarette ashes, i know you're there to build it again.
because i know you dont want me to be dragged away by every waves that hit the shore.
this wonderful girl of mine is MINE ! i'll be jumping up and down the plane when it touches down on Singapore ! i will go to the nearest public phone to call you and hear you voice !
i love you !
its been a thousand years !

Syazaruan 11:20 PM

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's 11.50pm and I just feel like writing before I sleep . I have class at 8am , which means getting up at 6am . Well , 5.55am , and then 5 mins to just sit up and gain consciousness to a safe level for me to walk to the toilet and bathe . I cant afford to be late tommorrow .
Anywayyy , it seems my life has taken a sudden dramatic roll . The turn was very unexpected . Of course , it was dreamt about , wished for . But nevertheless , unexpected .These past few months have been quite wonderful . Indeed , it is great to be in someone's arms and to have them in your arms ..

Everyday, I remind myself of you . I dont know how we actually got together , or what happened along the way , or even whats happening now . Believe that I love you, and havent stop doing so .

Ill be back with a proper update soon . Ive been caught up with projects and tests .
Till then ~

Syazaruan 11:41 PM

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Topic of the day: What is friends actually ?

There are many valuable things in life , but friendship may be one of the most important . to live life without the experience of friendship , is life without living . agree ? in my own thesaurus , (chey speaking eh) theres no definition for friendship actually . friends should be there and stick with you through thick and thin , big and small , tall and short . and not only look for friends when you are in need , in deep shit etc . people in this world are amazing and i have only experienced a few type of people who are capable of making an everlasting friendship and also people whom i think would just be friends for a period of time .

tomorrow is the day for the recreation and bonding committee . after all the meetings tomorrow is the "set , GOO" hope everything goes well and according to plan . and guess what , i will be emceeing the event . well thats all about today . a day well spent ! haha . ohh and i won the worldcup ! scored two goals ! terrific , wonderful , excellent ! hahahaha !

To wrap up todays post heres something for YOU ! <3>

I am like a falling star who has finally found a place next to you in a lovely constellation , where we will sparkle together .

trying to forget you is like trying to remember someone i never met .

Syazaruan 10:03 PM

Monday, June 8, 2009

im bored, shagged but i got the fucking mood to blog . amazing !

news update: HK made a small farewell party or heavy breakfast eating with Mr Francis today . woke up in darn early very early i think the rooster still dreaming of being chopped and sold at ANANAS CAFE . dramatic eh . i grabbed whatever anything that i can to whipped up a simple delicacy . delicacy sounds so grand but its only scrambled eggs with green chili and onions . eh simple but niceeeee alright . waited for the wankers douche bag at clementi to go school together . never on time !
went to ngee ann poly to kick butt (play soccer) and goosshh after so long of not playing i felt like im a girl who just started picking up soccer. but somehow i did scored 3 goals . somehow. pathetic .

ohhh may be irrelevant but i heard that theres a saying astronauts who spend too much time in space will experience a change in the size of their head . according to scientific research when a person is in space theres this fluid in the body will gush up to the head . is it true or not i dont know but it got me so bothered and thinking all the sci-fi movies about aliens mainly those with the big heads and small thin body could be an astronaut who spend too much time in space . wonder if the other head expand too . hahaha . E.T got bored of earth and stayed in space for quite sometime thats why he's like that. the reason he came back to earth is try to gather as many humans to spend time with him in space so that he does not have to worry he's looking that oogly ! well enough of these faggot !

falling in love and love are two different feeling . falling in love can be either a flash of emotions or a first step towards love and gravity is not the reason why i fell in love with you .
falling in love is a strong instinctive attraction to the person of the other sex .
in case its mutual and both lovers will work at their relationships one day that feeling can grow into love . which what ive experienced .
falling in love is crazy to me, physically, its like when knees are getting weak and temperature rises .
and to me love is calm, comfortable and mental . seriously you have to do nothing to fall in love and often theres either nothing you can do to stop falling in love . its totally very illogical !!!
you suffer from splashes(splash sound effect) of emotions, doubts and can’t fully control yourself and its all because of a person you usually almost dont know.
when we fall in love nature shows all its power on us . sometimes it even goes against our sense when we understand that we cant expect nothing good from these relationships that its the wrong person but still can do nothing about ourselves .

i may call falling in love some kind of a temporary illness both mental and physical and wont be very wrong . some will say that its destructive, selfish, possessive, blind and give falling in love many other unpleasant definitions . but have those people ever been in love ? hah

to my dearest sweetest loveliest skinniest girlfriend i salute the both of us for everything we been through together as one not two not three like these phrase i love to use "one band , one sound" haha . you are someone i need the most in this situation i am facing right now

dear even if i work a lifetime i still will not earn enough money to pay the love you had given me !

i love you , SUMIRA


Syazaruan 11:03 PM

Saturday, June 6, 2009

wooohhoooo . haven't been updating my blog much due to some technical problem . not !
well , yesterday was my 19th birthday and ohhh bestttt ! haha .
she had made such extravagant plans for me to make my 19th birthday
a memorable one and hell yeah she did it ! so we went to harbourfront
to pizza hut indulging ourselves with GOOD FOOD ! took a stroll down to the
waterfront and made promises to each other .(hmmm) hahaha

to NANI , ZAKI & AINI ! i thank you sooooo much for the extra little happiness you gave on the very special day !

mira, you have changed my life completely. you're the one who makes me special. you're the one who makes me strong. you're the one who makes me feel so important

you're everything to me.

i love you sayang !

pictures will be uploaded here soon .
i had a blast on my birthday ! thanks to you !

Syazaruan 11:19 AM